Artemis Archery: Ancient Skills and Equipment for Today's Amazons

Mounted Amazon archer image.


Artemis Archery is dedicated to the empowerment of women, children, and goddess-loving men through the ancient art of instinctive archery.

Knowledge of the bow runs deep in our blood, our cells, our ancestral memory. We owe our lives to ancestors who were skilled in archery. Many modern archaeologists believe women invented the bow as a tool for hunting small game to provide food for themselves and their children. And of course, to protect their homes and families, if need be.

Whether or not woman invented the bow, archer goddesses figure prominently in indigenous religions and folklore of cultures all over the world. They are warriors, mothers, healers, midwives, seers, and guardians of women, children and nature. The Lady of the Hunt roams the mountains of China and the mountains of the Maya. The northern European folk call Her Skadi, the Romans call Her Diana, the Greeks call Her Artemis.

According to the writings of the Greek historian, Herodotus, the ancient Amazons worshipped Artemis and built many temples to Her. Of course, over the centuries, Her temples have been destroyed and the names of ancient women who kept Her ways have been lost. Yet, She lives today in the heart of any woman who seeks to live fully in her own power.

Why take up the bow?
Why not? If ever there was a time that the Earth and her children need our care it is now. If ever there was a time we must learn to stand fully in our power it is now. Pick up the bow and feel Her power stir within you!